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Why to use our affiliate program?

Service for general public

Sevices are oriented on a wide variety of business and customer segments

Low prices

Low prices makes it affordable to most webmasters and online userss

Simple implementation

Our referral affiliate program does not require any integration


Could be sold as a good addition to almost any digital good

High margin

Earnings of 30%-50% based on sales volume


You keep your commission even if client cancel the account!
Who can use our affiliate program?
Web designers can offer our Content Protection Plan with brand new design. This protection plan covers not only web design elements, but also all text, images and photos on the website from being copied. Great value for those who just spend some money to make their website unique.
Web designers
Did you just finish a project for your client? Why don't you propose him to protect his new content or solution with Content Protection Plan?
Web developers
SEO experts and companies can offer their clients to protect content on their websites. Everyone knows that duplicated content is bad for SEO.
SEO companies
Protect new articles. It is very likely and possible that article may be copied after it is published online. Why don't you protect it?
Our Intellectual Property protection solutions could be a great up-sell option for those who buy hosting services.
Hosting companies
Domain registrars can easily up-sell our services to their clients.
Domain registrars
No matter if you are a photographer, musician or a movie producer you can offer our services to protect your products from being stolen.
Creative artists


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