Anti-Piracy services

We know how much illegal sharing of your products or simply online piracy can harm your business. From the moment when your products is shared online for free you start loosing money and clients. At Guardlex we have been providing anti-pricy services and helping online business to protect their content since 2009. Please take a few minute and take a look at the services we offer.
Level 1
for small businesses
Level 2
for enterprise level clients
Number of products One One
Number of searches Once a day 24/7 continuously
Scans level Moderate In-depth scans
Takedown service Unlimited Unlimited
Google removals Unlimited Unlimited
Reports Monthly Weekly or monthly
24/7 Support + +
Personal manager One One or more
100% money back guarantee + +
Price $200/mo Starting from $300/mo
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Internet piracy protection is one of the challenges that is hard to pursue under the circumstances when content is easily available. Stolen content can deteriorate the conversion of your online store. Anti-piracy services delivered by Guardlex since 2009 help online business not to lose their digital property. If person violated the copyright law and stole the contents of the site, it becomes known fast.

Illegal downloads can bring huge losses to the owners of intellectual property. It can even ruin business. The materials and files used without your permission reduce your income and customer database. Why pay for commodity when you are able to get it free? Guardlex puts an end to it and saves your income. Look through a list of services we offer to decide if you need Internet piracy protection.

If you want to find plagiarized material, you should search for stolen content with help of our service. Analysis on content theft is performed by the service to determine if your content was used by dishonest websites owners. Thus, Guardlex protects your investments.

The company resorts to a set of tools to detect stolen content of site. Technical capacities let the specialists find more than 20 thousand of copy infringement cases for just one product. The scanning is done throughout the web: all kinds of websites, search engines and torrent trackers. Thanks to our legal representatives all over the world we have real opportunities to reach out the violator and complete the procedure of content removal. We proved to be rather successful even in the most exotic countries of the world where little attention is paid to such violations. Experience and knowledge of specifics in this field helps to reach the goal in 90% of cases.

Our Clients


What ways are used to find the stolen content?

There are many tools that can be used to search for illegal copies of your content and we employ the comprehensive system called Pro-Active monitoring system.

How long does it take to remove illegal copies and how you do it?

It usually takes no more than a week. Often the work is completed within the three days period. We have to contact either the website owner, who published your content or, if this does not help, apply directly to hosting provider, which is entitled to block the website according to law.

Why use DMCA takedown?

DMCA takedown can be helpful if you want to remove your content from some website. The rules of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act are used to solve the problem of copyright infringement effectively.

Can I also take measures to protect my digital property online?

We recommend using Google Alerts. You can also resort to DMCA takedowns. Study how it can be done.

Do you offer a discount?

The discounted services are offered to small companies and the ones that advertise our services. Installation of the badge can help to get a discount from us. You should write to us and inform about your interest.

What info should I provide to order your service?

You should provide a link, where your content was copied. You should also report the links where your content was published to start the removal procedure. The contact person will ask you more questions if necessary.