Copyright Protection Plan from GUARDLEX!

Guardlex offers comprehensive anti-piracy solution for you, which includes protection against theft of content. This is just one of its items. Copyright implies that other resources do not have a right to copy your materials and should ask for your permission first.

Content protection against piracy is performed because many users neglect these rules. Guardlex uses Content Protection Plan for it. If you do not want to obey the copyright law, get ready to communicate with lawyers who represent our company in different parts of the world.

Who can use the service?

The problems are solved peacefully, as a rule, but it takes much effort, time and knowledge to solve them. Therefore our customers prefer to use our help and not act on their own.

· It can be especially bothering for a webmaster who owns lots of sites. We can shoulder this responsibility and perform all checks in bulk easily. The system is adjusted to react automatically on the attempt to rob you.

Individual website owners can select the copyright protection plan to meet their needs. Internet is boundless so you may not even notice that your texts or media files are used on other websites. We will care about your website or blog. The posts that you publish will remain unique thanks to constant watch of the tools, employed by our professionals.

Why it is essential to order content protection against piracy

When someone steals and publishes the materials from your website, it can have an impact upon your business. First of all, your reputation can suffer. Your readers come to the site to read original content and when they see the same somewhere else, they may not be sure that you are the author. Consequently, your website is not perceived already as something exclusive that is hard to find somewhere else. As a result, your resource does not stand out, and loses its individuality, thus creating poor prerequisites for lower position of your company at the market. It fails to compete successfully with business rivals.

In this way, protecting content against piracy, you preserve your image, contribute to development of your brand that should look high-class and exclusive.

The other aspect of the problem refers to search engine rankings that tend to be lower, when texts and images on the website are not unique. The sites with such content are less visited so the financial losses are evident. However, you have and excellent alternative. Select the protection plan from Guardlex that can rid you of all these troubles.

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What We Do

We update our database with your latest content Then we scan the Web for
any illegal copies
Then we take
those down

What You Get

24/7/365 content monitoring Takedowns Reports
24/7/365 support Professional staff 100% money back guarantee

What people say about us...

Robert P.

It appears there were a few websites with my content. Fortunately now I'm not alone in this battle! Thank you, Guardlex!
Stephen H.

I have used Guardlex on several occasions for successful removal of copyrighted content. Their staff is always attentive to my needs and very efficient in communication. Guardlex is a one stop shop when it comes to protection of copyrighted content, look no further!