Protect your Domain Name from being stolen!

Get benefit from comprehensive plan
that implies 100% protection of your content
We can offer different plans for cyber security of our clients. Every customer chooses the plan that suits him most. We recommend Content Protection Plan that makes your online business fully protected.
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How to protect yourself from domain name hijacking

Guardlex warns you to be cautious in cyberspace. If you think that nothing threatens your business online, and it can’t be hijacked, you are mistaken. Protection of domain name is a serious issue that should be treated accordingly. Protect your business from hijacking with help of our company.

What We Do

Check the contact details
on a regular basis.
All changes in WHOIS,
DNS records and server
will not be left unnoticed.
The system of immediate
notification will not let
the intruders achieve their goals.
You will find out at once
if it is corrected.
The specialists of Guardlex will
return your website to you.
The procedure is very simple.
They contact the hosting provider
and the domain name is frozen without delay.

You should always stay alert. Protecting domain name from theft, you save your intellectual property and your reputation that can be easily lost online. It is especially topical in the conditions of severe competition. The cost of the registration and other expenditures are not that high and this increases the risk, so you should consider the problem of theft protection. Domain is associated with your brand, therefore if some unpleasant incidents occur, you will hardly be able to explain the situation to your customers. It can spoil the reputation, and one should be vigilant.

If you do not want to become a victim, you should apply to Guardlex that specializes on security issues. The company has developed Content Protection Plan that can be of interest to different groups of users. Protect the domain name and all kinds of media files available on your website. This refers to music, video, images, texts and etc.

Our responsibilities include:

• Protection of your content from copying;

• Domain name protection;

• Removal of external links;

• Enhancement of your inbound backlink profile;

• Removal of your content from other online resources and etc.

We protect the posts on your site: they will remain unique thanks to our constant supervision. Thus, your company is protected from online intrusion. Nobody will use the materials you have created, and they will work exceptionally for you.

We are more than sure that our advanced protection system and experienced staff will be able to protect your domain name from theft! That is why we promise to pay $5000 compensation in case the domain name covered by our service would be stolen and we won't be able to return it back to legal owner!

What people say about us...

Kate B.

I just wanted to say thank you! You really helped me to keep my content unique!
Tom H.

I've been blogging for a while now and seen quite a lot of things online. As well as my content on other websites. When I used your service for the first time I was really sceptic about it. But now I am sure that you guys know what you're doing. I will defenetely keep using your services for my website in future.