Identity theft protection from Guardlex!

Identity theft protection

We will search the Internet on regular basis to look for any fake profiles or any other kind of identity theft. This plan is completely risk-free - you will get your money back if we will not satisfy your needs!

Now a days we share so many things over the Internet that we can say for sure that some part of our life is always online. Your personal information on your Facebook page, photos, places where you stay and much more. But did you ever think that this information may be used to create your fake profile online or for some other purpose without your permission? Have you ever tried to search your own name in Google? Or maybe you have already found some fake profiles using your photos or other personal information? Don't know what to do with it? Take a look at Guardlex's Identity theft protection!

Guardlex DMCA take down service

How does Identity theft protection work?

Our Pro-active protection system scans you original social network profile and add all your public information to it's temporary data base. Then it search your name and other personal information in most popular search engines and social networks (Google, Yahoo, Bing, Facebook, Myspace, etc.). When the search is completed the Pro-active protection system removes all your information from its data base and our experts review the search results and in case if any our fake profiles is located they take them down.

This plan is good to monitor your name usage (reputation monitoring) to see what other people say about you and to protect yourself from identity theft.

Why choose our services?

Professional staff Our professional staff will take care of your cases. Each of our managers has passed certificated training. They know what actions should be taken first to resolve any case as soon as possible.

It's effective We solve 99% of all cases. Each case is followed by dedicated manager from the very beginning and to the end, so everything is under control all the time.
Save your time You don't need to look up for someones contact information, send DMCA notices, wait for responses and so long. Our staff will do everything for you and inform about the result.

100% money back guarantee
You will get your money back if we fail to solve your case.