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It is enough to get rid of unnatural and harmful links to restore your Google position.

If you need to clean the site from harmful links, you can apply to a techie or perform it yourself. The problem, usually, arises when person feels that the website was penalized. The traffic becomes considerably lower. If you want to resume the position of your website in Google, you should clean up your backlink profile.

Low traffic can be a result of the algorithmic update that should be distinguished from manual penalty.  Before you do something, you should diagnose the reason for your problem. Find out why the traffic suddenly dropped. The professional from Guardlex can help you to define what caused traffic decrease.

The website can get a manual penalty for using grey-hat SEO tactics. In this case, the website owner gets a message from Google that blames him in the applied techniques that go beyond the ones described in Google’s Webmaster Guidelines. Unnatural links on the website are noticed. In some cases it happens outside of your control, so the message warns the user that the website had been probably attacked.

In order to detect harmful inbound links, you should check with Google first. Visit the section “Links to your site” and perform the analysis of external links. Assess the numbers and pay attention to the ones that mean a lot of share. It is better to apply to professionals for analysis and cleanup not to skip some mistake. Cleaning of external links should be done with regard of their importance. Some of them may not add some value and be the cause of penalties. Look at the most linked content to determine if there are signs of suspicious activity. There are no guides that can, definitely, tell you which links are good or bad. You will have to rely on your intuition in this question or intuition of search engines professional, who is going to comlete the removal of harmful inbound links.

Some links can lower your rankings and even drown your website therefore you should discover potentially harmful ones. There are special tools that detect such links using special formula. After you detected them you should export them and then contact the websites asking to remove the link to your site. In case you are not able to reach out the contact person or do not get the answer,  use Google Disavow tool that is perfect if you want to clean the site from harmful links. Not only quality of links matter. It is also important to pay attention to their number. Let the professional consider overall inbound link profile and enhance it. You should try to decrease their number. It is impossible to determine the specific target number you should pursue.

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Jennie D.
They helped me to save my business and returned my website to Google! They are simply brilliant!

Michael C.
January 2012 was a very bad month for me. After experiencing five years of success selling sterling silver online my eCommerce store (and self) hit rock bottom; I received a penalty from Google. I immediately connected with a very expensive (but the best) SEO in the USA. After discovering the cause of the penalty I was told that I needed to remove over 500+ (un-natural) links pointing to my site. Once I received this news I almost thought it would be impossible to recover, I was wrong. Guys at Guardlex could not have been more understanding of my concerns, and the urgency regarding removal. Guardlex is simply amazing at what they do. Many links came down overnight, and for the few weeks to come. In March 2012 my penalty was lifted my Google after my SEO filed for re-consideration.
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