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Plagiarism is very common on the Internet, because shared information is available to nearly everyone and it can be easily copied and published on other website. A lot of webmaster and web developers illegally use content from other websites to save their own time, but they don't think of negative consequences of their actions. Spend a few minutes to read information on this page to learn how to avoid plagiarism and some of it negative consequences.

What are negative consequences of plagiarism?

Search engines: If a search engine detect some duplicated content (in case your content was stolen)
while crawling pages of your website it may lower your positions in search index or completely ban your website from search results.

Users: When end-user finds similar content on different websites he is being confused which website is actually the source or which website is a copyright owner. You loose your reputation and potential clients.

Social media:
People often share good content and by this you get natural increase in traffic if someone has stolen your content then someone else may get this increase which means you loose your visitors.

It is you property:
Your content is your Intellectual Property when someone is stealing something from you in real world you are trying to get it back. Same on the Internet! Plagiarism decrease you traffic, search engines ranks and trust from you users. Fight for what is yours!

How to avoid plagiarism?

Disable Copy/Paste function: You can add simple script to your website to disable copy/paste function. It is very basic protection, but very simple to integrate. Pay attention that advanced users will be able to copy your content (e.g. from cache), but it 80% of cases it would be enough to stop user from copying your content and decrease plagiarism level. Read here how to do it.

Monitor your content usage:
Daily monitor the Internet for any copies of your content. You may want to use Google alerts or other alert service for that. Whenever you detect new case of plagiarism take it down (for example perform a DMCA takedown). Or trust it to professionals - order our Content protection plan and allow us to help you to avoid plagiarism. We will monitor your content usage and in ca we will find any cases of plagiarism we will take them down. Read more about Content protection plan benefits and order it now!