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Content protection plan allows you to protect website design and content from being illegally copied to another website. This plan perfectly suits needs of:
  • Website owners
  • Web developers
  • Web design studios
  • Copywriters

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Protect website content with Guardlex! Subscribe to our content protection plan and our experienced staff will make sure that no one will copy your content to another website. Our content protection plan allows you to protect your texts, photos and much more!

Guardlex DMCA take down service

Report copyright infringement
up to 10 24/7 monitoring
24/7 Support Custom search
Pro-Active Protection Takedown service
Personal Manager Plagiarism checker
Risk-Free Image protection

Report copyright infringement. Detected your content on other website on your own? Report it to us and we will take it down.
24/7 Support. Critical issue? No problem, write to us 24/7 and our support team will assist you as soon as possible.
Pro-Active Protection.  We scan the Internet, underground communities, torrent trackers and websites similar to yours to prevent copyright infringements.
Personal manager. Every copyright infringement case is followed by dedicated manager from very beginning and to successful result.
Risk-free. Not satisfied with our services? You will get your money back guaranteed.
24/7 monitoring. We receive alarms each time similar content appears on the Web.
Custom search. Is there any particular underground community or torrent website that share your content the most? We will pay more attention to it.   
Takedown service. We remove all content that infringe your copyrights.
Plagiarism checker and image protection.
Once a month we perform a complete search of your content (all texts, images, photos and other content are being checked for any duplicates available on the Internet). If we find any duplicates of your content we perform a takedown.
How does content protection plan works?
Content protection plan from Guardlex allows any website owner to protect website content from being illegally copied to another website. Our exerienced staff monitor the Internet on regular basis (once a month) to look for any copies of your content (such as texts, images, articles, etc.) If we find any protected content available on an other website then we perform a DMCA takedown to remove it or block access to it.

Why to choose our services?

Professional staff Our professional staff will take care of your cases. Each of our managers has passed certificated training. They know what actions should be taken first to resolve any case as soon as possible.

It's effective We solve 99% of all cases. Each case is followed by dedicated manager from the very beginning and to the end, so everything is under control all the time.
Save your time You don't need to look for illegal copies of your content, send DMCA takedown notices, wait for responses and so long. Our staff will do everything for you and inform about the result.

100% money back guarantee
You will get your money back if we fail to solve your case.