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DMCA takedown service

Our experienced anti piracy experts will block access to your copyrighted content illegally hosted on any third party website or file hosting service! This means that we will solve any copyright infringement case guaranteed or you will get your money back! This service is covered by 100% money back guarantee!

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Guardlex's DMCA takedown service allows any blogger, creative artist or copyright owner to remove his stolen content (article, photo, image, software) from any third-party website with a few clicks. Our experienced anti piracy experts will do whatever it takes to resolve any copyright infringement as fast as possible and get positive result. 99% of all cases reported to Guardlex experts are successfully resolved. In case we are not able to close your case you will get your money back.

Guardlex DMCA take down service

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What is a DMCA takedown and how does it work?

The DMCA takedown is an action when a copyright holder, his agent or any person who act on behalf of copyright holder requests a website owner, its hosting company or ISP to remove or block access to the material that infringe copyrights in order to solve a copyright infringement. The DMCA takedown should be done by sending a DMCA takedown notice to the website owner, hosting company or ISP. It must be prepared according to all rules. Information in the take down notice must be accurate and well formatted otherwise it may be ignored by website owner, hosting company and ISP. In this case it is also common that your email address may be banned at their abuse departments. After receiving a DMCA takedown notice hosting company and ISP must react as soon as possible. Usually it takes up to 10 days to remove your content or block access to it.

Why choose our services?

Professional staff Our professional staff will take care of your cases. Each of our managers has passed certificated training. They know what actions should be taken first to resolve any case as soon as possible.

It's effective We solve 99% of all cases. Each case is followed by dedicated manager from the very beginning and to the end, so everything is under control all the time.
Save your time You don't need to look up for someones contact information, send DMCA takedown notices, wait for responses and so long. Our staff will do everything for you and inform about the result.

100% money back guarantee
You will get your money back if we fail to solve your case.