Guardlex provides anti piracy services, DMCA takedown services and content protection services.

Simply subscribe to the protection plan that fits your needs best and stay protected with us. If you report a copyright infringement or our Pro-Active protection system finds one, our operator immediately receives a notice with all the information about it. From that moment he does whatever it take to stop illegal distribution of your Intellectual Property. If we fail to resolve the copyright infringement you get your money back guaranteed.

Our protection plans features:

  • 24/7 live support
  • Personal manager
  • Pro-Active protection
  • Free monthly reports
  • DMCA takedown service
  • Risk-free: 100% money back guarantee if you are not satisfied

For website owners

All of our plans are covered by "100% Money back guarantee". If we fail to deliver the best possible protection of your Interllectual Property we will fully refund your money.



Make sure not to lose control over your domain name. We monitor the status of the domain name 24/7 to prevent it from being hijacked and stolen.
We pay a $5000 compensation
in case the domain name would be stolen and we won't be able to return it to it's legal owner.
Stop worrying about your content being stolen online! Our Pro-active system will monitor the Internet on regular basis to look for any illegal copies of your content and once any of those copies are detected we remove them from the Internet.
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Infrigement reports limit One Up to 10
24/7 Support
Pro-Active Protection
Security assistant

For software developers, creative artists and other Intellectual property owners

Sharing your products online and want to protect them from piracy? Take a look at our protection plans.



Our anti-piracy team will remove your copyrighted content from any third party website that uses or hosts it illegally! Simply send us the link to the original content and the link to the content you want to removed. Our experts will perform a DMCA takedown to block access to your content! Get more information on this service by visiting DMCA takedown page! Protect you products online. Once you find a copyright infringement report it to us and our experts will perform a DMCA takedown to deal with it.

You can report unlimited amount of cases monthly. 100% money back guarantee if you are not satisfied.

This is our most advanced protection plan. It allows you to protect any type of Intellectual Property and featuring Pro-Active protection system, personal manager services, take down services and monthly reports.
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Infrigement reports limit One Unlimited Unlimited
24/7 Support
Pro-Active Protection
Personal Manager