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Whenever I see an illegal linkto my product I simply sendit to Guardlex and it's downwithin a few hours.

Stop illegal spreadof your intellectual property

Protect yourdesign individuality

This plan will protect your website’s design Never get your design elements stolen again. This plan perfectly suits needs of:

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Protectyour product

Stop unauthorized distribution of your intellec tual property. Perfectly covers such products as:

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the best possiblepro-active protection

Our experienced staff will proactively monitor the major underground communities, torrent networks warez websites, file-sharing services and stop the unauthorized distribution of your products or unauthorized usage of your trademarks.

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what is is an online service allowing every intellectual property (IP) owners to fight with unauthorized distribution of their products online, or unauthorized usage of their trademarks. The service is designed to used for the majority business and individuals doing business online. offers a comprehensive solution to different segments of customers by offering a number of Protection plans. Starting with basic protection of design elements used to create a website and ending up with the Pro-Active protection plan using our propriatory technologies.

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