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The Business Software Alliance
The Business Software Alliance (BSA) is the voice of the world's software industry and its hardware partners on a wide range of business and policy affairs. BSA’s mission is to promote conditions in which the information technology (IT) industry can thrive and contribute to the prosperity, security, and quality of life of all people.
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Worldwide Anti-Piracy Program
The primary objective of ESA's Anti-Piracy Program is to attack and reduce global entertainment software piracy, estimated to cost the U.S. entertainment software industry millions and millions of dollars every year. The program's primary components are enforcement, training, including education and enforcement programs in the United States and abroad.
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Internet Fraud
The best way to fight internet fraud is to learn how to avoid becoming a victim. However, if you become a victim, there is help available. Below is a list of official government web resources to help you report and learn about internet fraud.
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