Takedown Service
    Order our DMCA takedown service for just $24 per takedown
    if you need to remove your copyrighted content from a single website.

    Fast delivery time, 99% success rate and thousands of happy clients. Just try it, if you don't like it we will return your money back!

  • Pro Protection plan
    for Enterprise Level Clients
    Order our most advanced anti-piracy solution. We guarantee to decrease your piracy level at least by 25% on the first month and up to 60% on the second month. Our advanced technology and trained experts will remove your products from hundreds of warez websites, torrent trackers and underground communities daily.

    - 24/7 monitoring
    - Unlimited takedowns
    - Personal manager and much more

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    Earn up to 50% from each sale!
    Our services are perfect addition for any digital product, no matter if it is a website design or a software. Our partners are completely different companies and individuals starting with copywriters and SEO agencies who protect brand new content and ending-up with software developers, photographers and movie producers, who's clients want to protect their products.
Select the best protection plan!
Protection of your domain name is important if you want to succeed in online business. The domain name also refers to intellectual property and it is the door to your website. Using our service, you can protect your business and domain name from hijacking.The amount of guarantee is $5000.

Copywrite protection service against piracy is a must-have solution for Webmasters. Choose our plan to protect your website and itís content from illegal copying. Hundreds of web developers and content creators already took advantages of our service. Multiple DMCA takedowns can be easily send with our help. Using this service you get fully managed DMCA takedown service with unlimited notices sent on your behalf. You can simply send link that you want to remove by email or submit on our website. Our managers will do everything for you.
Read more about this protection plan Read more about this protection plan Read more about this protection plan
Our professional staff will analyze the level of piracy regarding your product and suggest the best plan to start with.
What is GUARDLEX.com

Guardlex.com provides anti-piracy services to secure your content. This is the sphere that becomes increasingly hard to control, while the value of digital content is defined by such feature as uniqueness along with other things. All kinds of your digital content may be easily available on other websites and all over the Internet without you even knowing it. Take control of the situation now and proactively protect your content.

Protection of website content is mandatory nowadays for all those who want their website to work effectively. When the website is a source of income, the problem becomes especially topical. Images, videos and texts should remain unique. We deliver 100% guarantee that we will protect your digital property and keep it unique in the conditions when it is so easy to steal it.

Guardlex.com will take care about uniqueness of your content. It is especially challenging to guarantee website and content protection from pirates.

The content is frequently taken without your permission by people who do not even understand they actually violate copyright law. Texts and media files are copied without understanding the consequences. It is even not perceived as a theft: the users are sure that they just "take" content, not steal it. This perception complicates the problem. It is fast to copy things, while it requires effort, time and imagination to create. Fortunately, the situation is improving. New laws provide us with legal instruments that let us protect your intellectual property on online resources.

Protection against content theft is worth your time, as it will help you save time and money on new content in the future.

You can protect the uniqueness of content using different tools, but do you have time for that? Isn?t it easier to apply to professionals?

There are a lot of legal and technical strategies that can help you to protect the uniqueness of the content. However, the specialists can do this type of work better.

The protection of your site is the issue of common concern. We work with companies and private customers. There are simple plans for beginners and comprehensive plans that covers all security aspects.